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(if you are not taking my power workshop, this will not be useful)

Virtual Machine for the Power Workshop
(BETA--see disclaimers)

From this page, you can download a virtual machine for use in the power workshop. If you are not part of the power workshop, this will not be useful. The size of this file is large (about 5 GB, or the size of a high definition movie) and will grow to about 10 GB. So, you need about 15-20 gigs of free space.

Information on the Virtual Box application (works for Mac, PC, or Linux) can be found at

and downloads found at

Once the VirtualBox player has been downloaded and installed, the student will need to download the virtual machine designed for the course (the button above).

When this file is imported, the student will be able to access all class materials and programs through an internet browser.

Chrome is recommended.

If you are not confortable with R, R-studio, etc., then this virtural machine is designed to help you learn these programs in an environment separate from your working environment. This essentially creates a sandbox where the student can try different activities and view files. Also, instead of installing both R and R studio on the machine, the student only needs to install the Virtual Box application and the virtual machine. Once the class is over, simply remove Virtual Box.


If you already have and are comfortable using R and R Studio (with the Shiny and plotly packages installed) there is little need to use this virtual machine.

You can download all the code examples from

the code for the slides are

(which are R-markdown files that require shiny), 
and the code for the Shiny App is